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It's time for a knitting update. It's been a while since I posted anything, so I'm not going to write about all of my projects. Here are the ones I already have pictures of :-)

Bramble Bag

This bag is a free pattern from Berroco.com. It is made with two colors - and looks more difficult than it really is. You alternate knitting two rows of each color. The pattern calls for the bag to be lined (Mom helped with that). I have yet to buy the handles for the bag, but I will get to that . . . . eventually. As Sasha's mom pointed out, I think the variegated yarn gives the bag a stained glass look.

Yarn: Berroco Peruvia and Galway Paint
Pattern: Berroco Bramble Bag


I found Jordana Paige's Isabella in Knitty Spring 2007. I knit it in a cotton that was slightly heavier than that called for in the pattern, so I had fewer repeats of the leaf motif. The picot edges are done by knitting a few rows, knitting a row of yarn-overs, and then turning the first few rows under.Yarn: Classic Elite Premium Cotton
Pattern: Jordana Paige's Isabella

Additional updates on my life:

Knitting-wise -- I have just recently discovered Ravelry and I am obsessed. My user name is - wait for it - LindenHeflin. So if you want to be my friend, find me. You can look at my projects, my stash, and what I want to knit.

School-wise -- It is my second summer of graduate school and I find it as, er, rewarding as ever. The thing that is really stressing me out is that I have to teach next semester.

Other-wise -- Hugo is still sick, but I think he is on his way to feeling better.

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