I (heart) Louisa Harding

And I can thank my mom for introducing me to her. A while back, I was visiting home and I made my mother (she's always very nice about it) go to a yarn store - specifically Loops in Tulsa. While I was wandering around touching everything, my mom was busy falling in love with a sweater they had knitted up. It was Colomba from Louisa Harding's Venezia Felice Mai Dopo, knitted in Louisa Harding's Grace Silk and Wool. We decided that she had to have it, so we quickly bought the yarn and the book! I was a long time in starting it, but now I am well on my way. I've finished the front and started the back, and I love how it is looking. I apologize for the detail picture being so dark, it was hard to get a good shot.

In addition to working on Colomba, I've attempted my first set of toe-up socks! I think I found a really pretty pattern, and (after a few tries at the toe) I finally finished my first sock. I quickly cast on the second so I wouldn't end up with only one.Pattern: Leyburn Socks
Yarn: Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn

Also, for anyone who is trying to keep up with Hugo, this time I say it he should actually be on his way to feeling better. He kept getting sick, so we decided to take him to see a specialist at the OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. They ran some tests and took some x-rays - and discovered that he had eaten something that was lodged in his stomach and intestine. That afternoon they performed surgery to take whatever he ate out. After a few days in the puppy ICU, Hugo is home now. He is not happy about being in an E-collar, but it will only last for a few more days. Then hopefully he will be back to his usual rambunctious self!

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