Weekend at Home

My family moved to Oologah, Oklahoma. This is very weird, but also nice because they are much closer. I visited the new house this weekend to celebrate my Dad's birthday and my Grandma's 80th birthday! (I previously mentioned a shawl created to celebrate this occasion) . The two very exciting things that happened at home were finishing the aforementioned shawl and my family getting a new puppy!

Pictures!Grandma's shawl (sorry for the fuzziness)

Now meet Porthos the Puppy! He is an 8 week old white boxer, and pretty much the cutest puppy I have ever seen! I even let him lick my chin, which is a VERY big step for me. I'm sure after looking at this picture you love him almost as much as I do.

I will close with another picture of adorable knitted baby things. These are going to a girl that I work with who is about to pop.

Yarn: Plush

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